Friday, March 6, 2009

Miley Cyrus Has a Memoir.

It's true.

Nothing, but nothing, should have surprised me after Joe the Plumber got a book deal. And certainly, Ms. Cyrus' book will generate the most 'tween book sales since the release of the last turd novel in the Twilight saga.

But honestly - honestly - can this be anything but a sign of the end times for literature in America? I tend to lean toward populism in literature; snobbery doesn't help people to get reading.

But what the fuck?! Nevermind this girl's complete irrelevance to anything of any meaning or value - but she's sixteen fucking years old.

For fuck's sake!


  1. Hey, she's just being Miley.

    (I'm so sorry. I just couldn't resist...)

    Upshot is that so far, studies are saying that kids who get into reading even things like this memoir and Twilight and such are staying readers--and if not "readers," per se, then more inclined to reading than they would otherwise have been.

  2. By the way, here's another reason to take heart: Amazon's link calls Joe the Plumber's book "Joe Plumber Fighting American Dream." Sounds like a true news headline if I ever heard one. :-)

  3. At least Miley Cyrus will still have relevance when her book comes out. Who will care about Joe the Plumber? Dead upon arrival; autopsy concludes apathy was the COD.